In Ruben Torres  Llorca’s  new work, “Figure 1 to 20/ 20 Yards of Art”, the artist has created one extensive, coherent piece separated into twenty parts.  It is much more than just a collection of individual paintings. It is a sort of display book, a “user’s manual”, through which the artist addresses the failure of the world’s social systems.   He uses art as a vehicle to create awareness  in those who see his work.

This piece delves deep  into the conceptual nature of language.  Each “Figure” in itself narrates a story , an underlying message, which repeats itself  throughout the installation. It is in these messages  that   we see the commonality of defeat .

Llorca has always been a very controversial artist.  All of his works  make a political statement that mocks the conventions and rules of both government and society.  This installation is no exception. In  “20 Yards of Art,” the artist sardonically refers to to the confusion and duality of today’s art world  and art market. By framing  of each painting  with  four yard  rulers, he expresses his indignation about   people who think  of art as by the pound, or –literally, by the “yard.”