Sang’s works inherently contain an intuitive, almost kitsch sense of humor. In fact, humor is the most important ingredient in his pieces, and he seems to seek a playful pleasure which stimulates him in his daily life.

Sang uses toys and other everyday objects, particularly plastic dolls, as his prime material in the creation of his work. Different elements, strange to each other, are recombined and reorganized under the principle of casual interaction, which produces, in turn, a strange strain. As a result, his pieces are, at the same time, familiar, weird, casual yet stressed. It is precisely this tension that opens a “new dimension,” breaking the boundaries of preconceived perspectives.

“Plastic containers, parts of toys, dolls’ arms and legs, screws… all sorts of things surrounding us in our modern daily life are what I need to make my figures. These very ordinary items are my favorite, because they belong to my intimate environment. Plastic is my chosen material because it gives a modern flavor and a profusion of colors that no other material seems to offer. So, it relates better with the ‘pop dolls’ that I seek to materialize.”

“I would like to distinguish my work from what is commonly taken as art under the sign of recycling. The objects that effectively that are part of my pieces have undergone a lot of reflection and trials in different combinations. Although, at first sight it is easy to see which objects are there, I have gathered these different parts with their diversity of forms into a new kind of rendezvous, creating, if you will, a metamorphosis—the caterpillar becomes a butterfly.”