Born in Buenos Aires Argentina in 1975

She studied painting with Roberto Fernández, Roberto Scafidi, Juan Doffo and Paula Socolovsky and studied photography at the Argentinian School of Photography.

Magdalena Murúa work is attractive in a way that it conveys molecular vibration where its basic matter is perforated or split (some would define it as deconstruction) cultural elements or junk media (Hulk, Batman, Archie, etc.) which are altered, given a new meaning, even subverted, from mere entertaining taken up to structural building blocks of beauty and significance characterized by dematerialization and essence and although it might look contradictory, it is simultaneously playful and spiritual. 

Atonal construction (in the sense given by R. Arnheim) atomic, minimalistic rhythm, apparently serial with not many variations but that, in fact, is loaded with subtleties and its beauty will become more accessible if we have poetic faith that will perform as the revealing key. Non stop rhythm, long lasting vibration, movement at a stand still that simultaneously energises and sooths. 

The beauty of surfaces that occasionally seem to synthesize and rearrange Jackson Pollock all over painting, reversing technique and unbounded emotion to an all over pasting that can be placed in a geometrical and not dramatized order, going from existential anguish to a possible orderly life, joyful, not completely free from catharsis expressed through intense manual labor as well as deep observation and meditation that these works require from the artist so as to become alive and take formal existence.

This young and outstanding artist, who has left out preconceptions and forced discursive methods, suggest a painless world, not too deep beauty but alive, energetic and bright.

 by Roberto Scafidi (curator)

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