3 (three) 1986 Born in Fukushima, Japan

3 (three), consisted of three artists, create their work with unique material, plastic figure dolls which are three dimensionally converted Japanese anime/ video characters. By melting and compressing thousands of these dolls into a block of piece, 3 (three) enables to form these familiar objects into atypical creation of their own. Because that figure dolls clothed sexy mini dresses are preferred to ones formally dressed up, majority of their bodies are painted with skin colors.

The process of creation begins by breaking the dolls into small pieces in order to dissolve and solidify in a certain form. Afterwards the unified block of dolls is finally polished by hand over and over. The outcome has a skin-color-based abstract pattern created by merged bodies of the dolls. Although it presents an image of destruction, there is also a remaining sense of human such as works by Willem De Kooning and Lucio Fontana. 

This unusual material is further processed into two kinds of art formats;  and painting types of work. The sculpture is molded in a large cast that is in form of anime/ video game character. The molded piece then sliced into some parts to show its cross section surfaces. Finally each piece is installed in acrylic case that evokes Damien Hirst's specimen series of work. The painting type work is all made in standardized TV monitors sizes. It conveys the fact that nowadays the most of information is provided through video images on monitors, inconsequence, the visual boundary between reality and virtual reality has become difficult to identify.Just as old masters had pursued an authentic beauty by observing nature, artists in our age are demanded to look at the world through by digital imageries.

3 (three) apply different kind of surfaces referring diverse painting formats to the painting type work. For example, "65V" has a overall marble pattern incidentally appeared during the process of making which reminds us of abstract expressionism in the early 21st century. In other case like "286bit", distinguish faces of dolls are left distorted on the surface. The dynamic break down of shapes and colors gives a strong visual expression that implies modern paintings in contradiction to former realism. 

Along with the fabricated material of the figure dolls, 3 (three) take the broken pieces of un-melted part soft the dolls in their body of work. As a consisting element of the piece, the ready-made dolls lost the in original function however perform as a interpreter of the creation concept. 

The current of art has been rapidly changing and transforming its shape from one to the other since the beginning of the 20th century. The definition of "art" has been sought in various forms such as ready-made,abstract expressionism, pop art and so on, as a result of that, the distinction between each category has become blur. Born in 1980s, 3 (three) is naturally familiar to refer knowledge that has experimented and established through modern and post modern eras, and easily enhance the different qualities in their creation.Although they do not abandon respects toward orthodox art formats such as "sculpture" and "painting", the unusual materiality suggest the one and only time they are living. Furthermore, 3(three) is also inherited tendency which is seen in Japanese crafts, that is the unify of delicate finishes in detail and simplicity.
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