Born in Aurora Illinois in 1984. Lives and works in Miami. 

He obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture and Art History from the New World School of the Arts, Gainesville, FL in 2011 --graduating with High Honors. Currently, he is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the University of Miami. 

"For me, there is true joy and pure beauty in simplicity. I don't feel the necessity to over-work or over-think any given situation. This concept is reflected in my restraint to keep my art simple, clean, cool, and minimal. Because my life has been surrounded with art, my work tends to deal with referencing art and existing sculptural tendencies including Conceptualism, Fluxism, Minimalism, Arte Povera, and endless amounts of theory. I approach these tendencies and references through a wide variety of traditional fabrication processes and materials. My processes may include woodworking, ceramics, stone masonry, and metal fabrication, but really I will incorporate whatever process suits the concept of the piece at hand.  This may sound vague but my works true "meaning/message" are held within each piece I make. I feel no need to limit myself out of habit, experience, or mastery."

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