b. 1977, Orange, CA

University of Montana – Missoula, MT

Considered photography sometimes and painting at others, most of Daigh’s work is probably best placed in the category of mosaic. His works often include an arrangement of small pieces.

Daigh’s work is exhibited internationally by museums, collectors, and art fairs, including New York’s Armory Show and Art Chicago.

Daigh’s creations are often the largest of their kind, as in 2010, when he made the largest installation to be constructed in New York’s Grand Central Station, or his piece for the 2010 Armory Show, which remains the largest pushpin mosaic in the world.

In my work I aim to explore themes of individuality and representation. My subjects are imprisoned, diluted, marginalized. Their escape, however, is imminent.

Whether a symptom of corporate and social homogenization, or the four base pairs of DNA, we are products of just a small handful of variables. In five colors of plastic, you can be reproduced.

I enjoy very much making something digital with my hands. I enjoy making work that requires a physical proximity. I enjoy the fact that this work travels from the intangible, the binary, to the tactile, the singular.
By invoking these mediums, I hope to generate a dialogue and sentiment that has something to do with the effort, repetition, focus, discipline, absurdity, and love that went into its making.

Ultimately, then, I hope those themes come crashing through the human in front of you, and spill over onto those you’re standing next to, those you know and those you have yet to know. I hope you spend more time staring at people’s faces and that you feel something in the process.

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