Born 1978, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Currently lives and works in Miami. 

Childhood is a unique and precious time in a person’s life. We come into this world with a clear purpose and determination to live. During our early stages of childhood, by playing games and dreaming, we connect with who we really are and what we want to become.

We get to experience love for the first time, true love, the kind of love that's not conditioned by any means. We laugh and smile only when we mean it and cry when we get hurt, no emotions are manipulated, we just feel. If I have to use a single word to describe childhood, that word would be purity.  

I aim to create a “bridge” to childhood through my photographs and tap into the emotions associated with the simple things in life. Those that when seen through the eyes of a child become magical. 

I invite the viewer to a journey where sharks swim in teacups, boats navigate through alphabet soups and polar bears live in marshmallows. A journey where anything is possible, even feeling that inner child once again.   

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